1. Introduction of the speaker
    1. Characters in this sequence: K’thaugz and Ingvar (this is Alfhild’s brother).
    2. The three ancient dragons are coming for the blessing of a god.
      1. Their age allows this
      2. They’ve agreed upon meeting the trio of fate
        1. They are siblings of three (considered unlucky)
        2. Their colors correspond to that of the fates
    3. Ingvar asks about the creation of the Earth and K’thaugz obliges him
  2. Introduction of the modern world
    1. The gods that exist, in entirety
      1. Myths surrounding various gods
    2. Migz
      1. Future
      2. Previously a Behemoth
    3. Eikthe
      1. Present
      2. Previously a Behemoth
    4. K’thaugz
      1. Past
      2. Previously a Behemoth
    5. Apostolos
      1. God of Messages
      2. Newcomer
    6. Dagda
      1. Goddess of Land
      2. Newcomer
    7. Tempest
      1. Deity of Storm
      2. Newcomer
    8. Sorin
      1. Goddess of Sun
      2. Newcomer
    9. Aibhe
      1. Goddess of Moon
      2. Newcomer
    10. Chibuike
      1. Goddess of Ocean and Lava
      2. Born on Earth (Sorin/Aibhe)
    11. Cemunnos
      1. Goddess of Creatures
      2. Newcomer
    12. Isingoma
      1. God of Youth/Life
      2. Newcomer
      3. Twin
    13. Nakato
      1. God of Age/Death
      2. Newcomer
      3. Twin
    14. Sophia
      1. Goddess of Wisdom
      2. Newcomer
    15. Hathor
      1. Goddess of Peace
      2. Newcomer
    16. Sefu
      1. God of War
      2. Newcomer
    17. Launce
      1. Deity of Tricks
      2. Newcomer
  3. How the gods came to be here
    1. Apostolos came first
      1. Their old world dissolved into war and ruin.
        1. The God-King had too much power
        2. They decided to flee, leaving him behind
          1. They carried the broken body of Hathor and Sefu, who had originally wanted to stay, felt a pull from her body. He was forced to come and became weak. They both faded from sight by the second world they reached. Without their argument, Launce left as well.
      2. Apostolos traveled most of it alone, scouting
    2. The other gods visited nearby worlds, seeking temporary protection
      1. They found two or three to hold them over until Apostolos sent the signal
    3. Apostolos found the decaying world, but he sensed potential.
      1. The deity of the future detected his arrival
      2. The deity of the present sensed exactly when he came
      3. The three welcomed him and told them of their predicament
      4. He sent out the signal
    4. The other gods followed
  4. What they did when they arrived
    1. Dagda immediately began work.
      1. Flattened the land
      2. Asked Tempest to wash away the grime
      3. When the land was dirt again, she began to call up plants, seeking roots in the flow of energy beneath the surface.
    2. Cemunnos began to form creatures out of the clay
      1. Isingoma and Nakato brought out their pouches of soul-core and helped imbue the animals with life. Isingoma sent them upon the earth and Nakato, like an old friend, took back their cores.
      2. As they called upon Sophia to pass judgement over the souls, her wisdom passed to their cores, leading to more and more intelligent life.
        1. Hathor and Sefu regained form as animals began to take control of land and build alliances. When truly intelligent life began to form, their bodies became whole again.
        2. Launce came to being as they gained the strength to bicker
    3. Sorin and Aibhe took their places in the sky, after a prolonged goodbye.
      1. Aibhe started as a new moon and as she waned, her pregnancy became apparent
      2. Chibuike was born and filled the deepest places of the earth while also pouring out of the peaks.
        1. As her lands were the most fertile and she could create more, Dagda fell in love with the young goddess, giving her the most beautiful plant life.
    4. The six intelligent species are created
      1. Humans
      2. Elves/Ents
      3. Dwarves/Mushroom People
      4. Minotaurs
      5. Dragons
  5. Conclusion from the speaker
    1. K’thaugz tells them about the six immortals created to keep the company of the fates. With such a connection to the earth, they wanted to know people well who roamed it for them.
    2. Implication that Thyra is the immortal dragon.

*Disclaimer: each of these names comes from earlier worldbuilding. Future edits on this page may lead to changes in these names.