Tejra – Human

Roland – Ent

Petia – Minotaur

Enki – Dwarf

Thyra – Dragon

Ereshkigal – Goblin

Newer immortal Tejra has found the others for the first time and demands answers from Thyra, the oldest of the group.

Newer immortal Tejra has found their fellow immortals after cryptic messages led them on a long journey here. Thyra goes to meet the human, thinking herself a welcoming presence, but Tejra is aggressive immediately and unsure of what to expect. Thyra can think of nothing to do except introduce the fellow immortals; they each have an experience to help Tejra understand what is happening.

Tejra traveled for months after receiving a heavily coded message–one could say a riddle–from a dragon who snuck up on them in a field. They’ve been traveling ever since, leaving behind everything they’ve known, going first to the forests of the Ents. Next, the caves of the Dragons. After that, the tombs of the Dwarves. Finally making their way into Minotaur country. They’ve been traveling for weeks, no, months and have felt followed the entire way; they’re hungry, exhausted, and frightened–in no mood for games. Thyra, unfortunately, misreads the small human. She goes to offer food and drink, but is met with a sword and bared teeth. She tries to be sympathetic, but the young human isn’t backing down and dragons have a poor memory of humans pointing weapons at them. She suggests a kind-of truce and lays the food in the space between them. As she lays down at the other side of the cavern, the others join her and she suggests that they introduce themselves.Roland speaks first. Enki goes second. Petia is third. Thyra then goes on about herself. They collectively excuse Ereshkigal.