Traditional Outlining: the follow-up

Read A Personal Take on the Start of the World here.

I feel as though I’ve messed up somewhere. This story was much easier to write, and I think the product was better, but I think that I’ve also accidentally assigned the story in descending order of how excited I was to write it and then assigned the outline in ascending order of how excited I was to try it. So, I suppose the logical assumption is that this assignment was the middle ground of these, but I don’t believe the levels of which I was excited about something were exactly the same. I don’t think it would matter, ultimately, if my writing (the speed, the quality, etc.) didn’t hinge on my enjoyment of the subject.

In terms of outlining, however, I felt excited going into this. I wrote out the outline in just over an hour, and writing the piece took me around four hours. So, net speed, I came in under the Draft Zero attempt (and I didn’t even give that the required edit, so I’m assuming this was well under the mark), and I enjoyed it much more. All-in-all, plus for the traditional outlining method. It served its purpose.

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