Traditional Outlining: that thing you learned about in the 8th grade

Okay! My first day of outlining–I’m so excited!

But first, the story. This is more of a whole-world origin than that of a specific god/group of gods. This should include a bit of backstory, reintroducing Migz, Eikthe, and K’thaugz, as well as their predicament. This should chronicle the arrival of the new set of gods, who abandoned their old home when their experiment of creating a functioning society failed. This should lay the basis of the different creatures they create as well as how they go about it. It should be interesting.

I’m going with the “traditional” approach here. This is an extremely common method of outlining–anyone who made it into middle school in America should’ve been exposed to this when learning how to construct an essay. Many will recognize it when I construct it here:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Point
    3. Thesis
  2. Paragraph One
    1. Point one
      1. Quote
    2. Point two
      1. Quote
    3. Point three
      1. Supporting source
  3. Conclusion
    1. Remake thesis

If I’m being frank, the adaptation of this style for the purpose of storytelling feels lazy. It’s a fairly versatile outlining method, for sure, but I feel like it misses nuance because of that. Only time will tell if this is actually going to be a problem. I’m fairly apprehensive of this style because it feels so clinical, but maybe that’s the approach I need after my freewriting mess.

Read A Personal Take on the Start of the World here.

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