The Snowflake Method: the follow-up

Read Immortals In Memoriam here.

Okay, so I got much closer to my word goal than I was expecting. And more, this story only took me a solid four hours to complete! Outlining and all! If I’m being fair, the outlining process was much more friendly to the final draft. I basically took each sentence and expanded it into a paragraph until I reached the desired length. Unfortunately, where the other two methods I employed could be turned into the bite-size short stories I presented here, I feel like I didn’t get that impression from the snowflake method. If I want to get a real idea of what this should feel like, I’d need to seriously write out the novel to accompany the outline.

With that being said, I loved it! This was absolutely a joy to write with and I feel as though the final product was fairly good! The style feels fairly rigid, but I didn’t consider it concrete, which helped with the flow of the piece. It felt like a good mixture of going along with the natural direction of the story while giving me an outline. Top of the list for sure!

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