The Snowflake Method: I get why they call it this, but I think of it as a tree.

I’m not going to lie, as I go into this final set of posts, I’m exhausted. Writing 5000 words and two blog posts every 2500 is tiring, especially to try to do in a week. I hope I’ve saved on of the easier ones for last, but I’m afraid I’ve run out of original ideas for the week. Well, I should rephrase. I’ve run out of original ideas that would get me around 2500 words. So, this one is going to be just a bit shorter. I’m winging it a little more with this one on terms of length.

If you’ve been following, my first two stories ended up tying into each other. The storyteller gives the tale out of order in the universe, but the stories occur in chronological order. So, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that the last story is going to be about the immortals: who they are, and how they got there.

This is going to be written with a Snowflake Method. I really like the concept of this. Basically, you start with a single sentence to describe your story. It should be as broad as is necessary and a fairly simple sentence. Next, you break that sentence into however many acts you are putting in your story. I think, in general, that should fall within the three-five range. Next, those sentences get broken up into the next smallest piece. I’ve always thought that chapters would come next, but you might need another breakdown before you get to that point. Then, it gets broken up into scenes, then the scenes get written out, and that should leave you with the whole piece! It sounds super simple and I’m not actually sure if that’s true, but here’s hoping!

Read Immortals In Memoriam here.

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