A note about outlining: you should always do it

I feel kind of guilty for calling this an experiment throughout the process. We all kind of knew what was going to happen, I think, and that is that I did better when I outlined! I feel like the real takeaway of this project ends up being which outline worked best, and I’m okay with that! I do think there might be more to the statement above than I grant, including ideas that I expressed earlier in this series of posts, including things like whether or not these outlining methods were truly suited to exactly what it was I was doing; there’s another discussion to be had there.

But on another day. Right now, I’m going to grab a tea and not feel bad when I accidentally let it get cold because I fell asleep. God, this reawoke that love of writing in me, but I’m truly, completely exhausted. Note to self: outline my schedule better so I can meet deadlines!

I cannot stress enough, in my closing words, how important this project was in opening my eyes (again) to the power of outlining. In sheer numbers and my stress levels throughout the past week, I know that outlining is the way to go. Let’s just wait and see if I stick to it!

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