Draft Zero: the follow-up

Read Ballad of Behemoth’s here.

I started Draft Zero with an amount of excitement I haven’t felt in ages. The style is exactly what I was used to, and it felt like returning home. However, as I approached my fourth page of writing, I recognized that I was frustrated with the style. I felt extremely disorganized in my writing and what I remembered as an opportunity to experience the story in the same way a reader would, became dangerously reckless and everything I wrote felt haphazard. By the end of writing, I felt extremely out-of-touch with what I was saying. I cannot believe that there are droves of people who consistently write like this, or that I was a person who actually wrote like this. I love the story I wrote, as a concept, but it’ll take a lot of edits before it becomes the product I would actually like to see. Which is, unfortunate, but as far as learning experiences go, this was significant. I guess I’ll have to wait and see which of the other two styles I like before I give this one another go. I’ll post it whenever that day arrives.

This story took me well over six hours to write. Some of that was stalling, and other parts was me groaning about how bad the product was going to be, but I’m counting it all for the sake of the experiment. I’m looking forward to outlining in my next couple of posts, for sure. If I had to judge, right now, which style was my favorite, I’m positive that this would make the bottom of that list.

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